雅博体育_NASA captured 20 years of changing seasons in a striking new global map of the home planet.美国国家航空航天局(NASA)在一幅新的全球地图上捕捉到了20年来的季节变化鸭脖体育。The data visualization shows Earths fluctuations as seen from space.这一可视化数据展出了在太空中看见的地球的波动变化。

The polar ice caps and snow cover are shown ebbing and flowing with the seasons. The varying ocean shades of blue, green, red and purple depict the abundance - or lack - of undersea life.显而易见,极地冰盖和积雪都随季节的变化而变化。蓝色、绿色、红色和紫色的有所不同海洋阴影,刻画了海底世界的非常丰富或缺少。Its like watching the Earth breathe. Its really remarkable, said NASA oceanographer Jeremy Werdell, who took part in the project.参予了这一项目的NASA海洋学者杰里米·维尔德尔回应:“这就看起来在看地球排便,这知道很真是。

”Two decades- from September 1997 to this past September - are crunched into 2.5 minutes of viewing.从1997年9月到今年9月的这二十年,被传输为这两分半钟的影像。Werdell finds the imagery mesmerizing. Its like all of my senses are being transported into space, and then you can compress time and rewind it, and just continually watch this kind of visualization, he said.维尔德尔称之为,这段影像过于令人著迷了。

他说道:“就像把我所有感觉传输至宇宙中,然后你可以随便快进、推倒带上,并重复地观赏这种可视化的过程。”Werdell said the visualization shows spring coming earlier and autumn lasting longer in the Northern Hemisphere. Also noticeable to him is the receding of the Arctic ice caps over time - and, though less obvious, the Antarctic, too.维尔德尔回应,图像表明北半球的春天远比更加早于,秋天显得更长。某种程度值得注意的是,北极的冰盖正在渐渐消融,南极也是这个情况,虽然不过于显著。

On the sea side, Werdell was struck by this hugely productive bloom of biology that exploded in the Pacific along the equator from 1997 to 1998 -- when a water-warming El Nino merged into cooling La Nina. This algae bloom is evident by a line of bright green.在海洋方面,“这一极大的生物兴旺”让维尔德尔深感愤慨--从1997年到1998年,在赤道附近的太平洋忽然愈演愈烈--当时的厄尔尼诺暖流与拉尼娜寒流互为融合。通过那一条醒目的绿带很显著的显现出海藻的激增。In considerably smaller Lake Erie, more and more contaminating algae blooms are apparent - appearing red and yellow.比较规模较小的伊利湖,其更加多的污染藻类的大量交配显而易见,呈现红色和黄色。All this data can provide resources for policymakers as well as commercial fishermen and many others, according to Werdell.维尔德尔指出,这些数据可以给政策制定者、商业捕捞者以及其他人获取一些信息。




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